The ELN Process


All of the materials used in ELN Living products are sourced and produced to ETHICLEAN® standards, which are greater than industry requirements. ETHICLEAN® ensures we’re able to produce top-quality, hyper-clean and hypoallergenic products that our customers have come to know, love and expect from ELN.

ETHICLEAN® standards extends past cleanliness and also assures we’re working with manufacturers who are committed to social compliance, ethical sustainability, and the fair pay of workers. It’s through longstanding relationships with our suppliers that we’re able to deliver the highest quality products using the highest-grade materials.


All of our shell manufacturers produce OEKO-TEX® certified products and the factories themselves are BSCI-certified ensuring our supply partners are committed to social compliance, ensuring that their workers are treated equitably and fairly.

Down & Feather

We only procure down and feather from companies who source their down and feather ethically.

Prior to purchasing our down and feather we test a sample of the order and then test again once the fill arrives at our facility. We only use the fill if it meets the ETHICLEAN® standards.

Our down and feather is processed, cleaned, and sterilized for at least 30 minutes at a minimum of 130 degrees Celsius rendering it hyper-clean and hypoallergenic.