Feather Pillow

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Using only the finest Feathers available with encased in a sturdy 233 Thread Count 100% Cotton, finished with double stitching and deluxe piped edges.

Gentle support providing cuddly comfort for those who enjoy a supportive pillow or for those who sleep on their back or side.


Sleep with confidence with our certified Oeko-Tex products, ensuring that these premium products are free from any unhealthy or harmful chemicals.

Design, developed in Canada and produced in China

5-year guarantee on workmanship and materials.

Care Instructions: Always use with a pillow protector cover and pillow case. The fill is cleaned to uncompromising standards as such regularly laundering is not required as long as you can keep the cover of the pillow clean. If cleaning the pillow is required please follow these simple steps. Spot clean with pure soap and a damp cloth. To dry either air out or put in the tumbler on low heat. To launder the pillow either use a reputable service that has experience with cleaning down and feather pillows or to launder at home use a minimal amount of pure soap in cold water on gentle cycle with an extensive rinse cycle. The key is to make sure the soap residue does not remain on the down and feather as this will drastically reduce the loft and fluff of the pillow. To dry put in the tumbler on low heat, as you want to make sure the entire pillow is thoroughly dry. The drying will take a considerable amount of time.

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